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Antenatal and Postnatal Exercise


Exercise during pregnancy reduces maternal weight gain, reduces labour pain, gives easier and shorter labours, reduces swellings and a better self image.  After pregnancy, exercising can speed up post natal recovery, improves energy, metabolic rate, increases weight loss and reduces anxiety. As a Mum of three young children I understand how hard it is to stay fit during pregnancy, find the time to tone up and get rid of the baby weight so it stays away. I have completed a pre and post natal exercise course so can recommend exercises suitable to you at whatever stage you are...whether pregnant or ready to lose the baby weight.  I can give information on the changes during pregnancy and implications on physical exercise and nutrition.


1:1 personal training is available (babies can come too if it helps). You can start as soon as the doctor has given you the all clear to exercise.


Please contact me if you want more information.


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