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"I am a lifelong runner and have worked with Jo for 15 weeks now, concentrating on improving flexibility and core strength to improve my performance in specific race events. I have been amazed by the difference she has made to my form and strength and find I can now run long distances and remain strong throughout. I haven’t felt this good for twenty years! Jo has a very friendly and approachable nature, and is very careful to make sure the client’s aims and aspirations are achieved.


She takes a holistic approach to training and each workout is challenging, pushes me to my limit (but never beyond, something she has an instinctive knack for), but above all is always different and fun. Prior to working with Jo I would not have believed how much I could have achieved in just 5 weeks, honestly! If you are serious about improving athletic performance, or just want to get fitter, stronger, healthier then I can’t recommend Jo highly enough."

Ian (43)



Tracey has been working with me for 7 months. She has lost an incredible 3 stone and 2lbs and is looks incredible. I met Tracey when I organised a group of us to do Race for Life, 5km being the longest she had ever ran. In one year Tracey has dropped several dress sizes through healthy eating and exercise and yesterday she ran a new personal best of 58 mins to do a 10km on a hot and hilly course. This is what she has to say...


"It’s one thing to accept that you need to lose weight and get fit, but doing just that is a whole new thing. If you know you can’t do that on your own then you’ve got to find someone who can support you thought it, because it really is about changing your lifestyle. I was in just that position and then I met Jo. Jo really has changed my life, yes she gave me a really good training plan to follow, but she also gave me something to aim for, a 6 mile race with 6 weeks to train for it. This really motivated me as I wasn’t focused on losing weight, but on the running. I didn’t want to let Jo or myself down so I stuck to the training plan, I cut down on the large glasses of white wine, and ate smaller portions, I still eat pasta and potatoes, and I have a couple of small glasses of white wines at the weekend if I want!


Having a personal trainer was first for me and I’d certainly recommend Jo.  At you first session Jo will find out what you want to achieve and then write a fitness plan that meets your individual needs.  Jo supports you through each stage of your plan to make sure that you stay on track, but what they say is true, no pain, no gain!  However, Jo’s approach and attitude means that you’ll get through the pain barrier and see real results.  You’ll leave each session motivated, smiling and ready for more!


Without Jo’s support and encouragement there is no way that I would have run 6 miles, but I have and of course I’ve lost weight! I can’t recommend Jo highly enough; she’s patient, understanding, ready with the words of encouragement and always smiling. Now I’m moving on to my next challenge and I can’t wait to find out what Jo has in store for me!"

Tracey (43)



Just finished my first set of sessions with Jo and have immediately signed up for more! I’ve never been fitter or more toned. Jo is extremely motivational and plans sessions around your goals. It’s been just the boost I needed to get my running bug back and get a bikini on! Thanks Jo.

Jo (wrong side of 40)



"Jo's bootcamp is excellent. Perfect for those wanting to get fit and a real test for those already involved in an exercise programme. Sign up and find how how much fun fitness can be !"




Week two,thursday 5.20pm in the aftermath of GI Jos' bootcamp,my abs are crunched, my ribs cracked,and my legs have gone to jelly, I think i should have stayed at home and watched a bit of telly! Thanks jo. Enjoyed every minute!"



"Just to let you know what an amazing twelve weeks I have had taking part in your Dedicated Dozen challenge. Not only am I stronger, fitter and more toned but I have met a whole load of lovely people.


One of the things I have enjoyed the most are the Boot Camps on Monday nights. Each one has been innovative and challenging; I have done exercises that I know I would not have been capable of doing at the beginning of the challenge. The element of competition has also been really helpful in keeping everyone motivated and on track.


I have: lost weight; lost centimetres; knocked 32 seconds off my running a mile and a half time; increased the number of press-ups I can do and maintained the plank for over four minutes! I feel good about myself and can’t wait to get started on the next challenge.


I can’t thank you enough for being so kind, helpful and funny. You’ve pushed us, stretched us, laughed at us, and challenged us. You must be doing it right if we’re all coming back for more."



"What an amazing 12 weeks I have had with Jo.
Boot camps that tested me to the limit but that were fun at the same time and personal training sessions that saw me exercise in ways that I didn't know I could!
The best thing about all of this is Jo - so lovely, so encouraging and motivating and such fun to be with. Training with Jo is never a ...chore.
The results I achieved have surpassed all my expectations. I put my all into it, dedicated myself to the cause and this was picked up on and used to push me that little bit further.
I went in wanting to get fitter, tone up and lose a bit of baby weight around my mid section and I came out a totally different shape with a flat tummy and muscles!
Thank you Jo for all you have helped me achieve, you made me realise I CAN do this. Feeling better in body and soul - what more can I ask for from a personal trainer!"





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