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The saying "you are what you eat" is so true.  If you get your nutrition right you will see results.  Eating and drinking the right foods will benefit you physically and mentally. The benefits of good nutrtion include:

- an ideal weight

- improved performance

- healthy skin

- an improved immune system

- help with anxiety, stress and depression

- boosts energy

- helps prevent serious skin conditions


I DO NOT put people on diets. Simple changes to the way we eat and lead out lives can transform how we feel on a day to day basis, help manage various conditions and prevent serious illnesses developing.


We will make personalized nutriton plans, creating new habits that are sustainable for life.


So what next?

At the first consultation I take a detailed case history and cover areas including medical history, digestive health, past and present dietary patterns, emotional, physical and dietary stressors.  You will be asked to complete a food diary and then I will provide appropriate and achievable recommendations to make informed decisions about your own health. My goal is to provide a tailored approach to dietary changes through increased personal awareness and understanding of eating patterns, behaviour and lifestyle, allowing you to take control of you own health.


For more information and to book your consultation get in contact with me.



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